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    Important: There are a number of rights and obligations to assist you with happy occupancy; please take the time to read the following conditions.

    House Rules
    This tenancy is regulated by the State Government's standard boarding house occupancy agreement and the resident accepts that in this building immediate notice to vacate may apply if:
    • rent is not paid up one week in advance
    • a resident cooks food within their room
    • a resident does not facilitate management room inspections
    • a resident smokes or lights candles or incense in the buildings
    • a resident engages in behaviour calling out Police or Fire Brigades
    • a resident does not maintain their room in a clean and organised manner
    • a resident produces an unusual amount of rubbish or interferes with common property
    • a resident threatens or abuses other tenants and frustrates their quiet enjoyment of the building

    I agree to:
    • pay rent at the premises up to one week in advance
    • provide my full name, photo ID, telephone number and date of birth
    • photographing of my room for record, advertising and management purposes

    I agree to the house rules *

    Special Note
    I acknowledge the building does not have on-site management and any problems or complaints I may have could be outside the knowledge, control, responsibility or intention of the building's owner or management in providing me with accommodation. I accept that my continued residence depends in part on the mutual goodwill shared between neighbours and in the event this cannot be achieved or maintained, I accept my vacating the premises is acceptable.

    I acknowledge the conditions *

    Boarding Houses Act 2012
    I have read the NSW Boarding House Occupancy Principles and Tenants Rights Factsheet 27 published by the Tenants Union of NSW and know that this occupancy is regulated by the Boarding Houses Act 2012.

    I have read the fact sheets *